Nick Culpin

I am a Designer and Software Engineer based in San Francisco with a focus on mass custom consumer experiences.

Travelear, Inc.

Travelear provides immersive audio experiences, recorded all over the World.

Travelear Nick & Garett

In November 2016 the first version of our iOS app was launched. Long time friend of mine, Garett Martocello (@GarMar33), is a world class audio engineer primarily working on feature documentaries and television. Together we set out to create a place where someone could visit real places in real time. At the time we were hearing about this new technology, which was being carried with similar buzzwords as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Nick and Garett Travelear

Goshen Hill Games

Dwarven dice is a set collection, dice game for 3 to 5 players that plays in about 30 minutes.

Dwarven Dice
Dwarven Dice Full
Dwarven Dice Detail
Dwarven Dice Detail

Shiseido Company, Limited

Made-2-Fit is a print on demand foundation application for iOS and Android by the MatchCo group at Shiseido USA.

An excerpt from 2017 aquisition press release:

Founded in 2013 by personalization and technology experts Dave Gross and Andy Howell and backed by patented technology, MATCHCo lets customers scan their unique skin tones through its mobile app and uses the data collected to individually blend a perfectly matching custom foundation for each consumer. The MATCHCo app is currently distributed through Apple’s App Store and was featured as ”Best New App” and ”Best of November” at launch in November 2015. Since then, it has also received beauty breakthrough awards from Teen Vogue, Good Housekeeping and others. MATCHCo will remain based in California, with its engineering team in Palo Alto and its marketing and operations hub in Santa Monica, and will become part of Shiseido’s Global Makeup Center of Excellence, led by Jill Scalamandre and based in New York.


MatchCo Phone
MatchCo Model
MatchCo Bottle

Zazzle, Inc.

Zazzle is a market place for print on demand consumer product.

Zazzle Maya
Zazzle Scan
Zazzle Talus
Zazzle Talus
Zazzle Talus